Individual Counseling in Uniontown, PA

What is Individual Counseling?

Individual Counseling is a type of counseling where a person meets one-on-one with a counselor. The counselor helps the client with a mental health issue. Individual counseling is face to face, and generally takes place in an office. The Counselor creates a safe environment so the client feels comfortable sharing personal details about his or her life.

What is Individual Counseling like with Anna Deeds, LPC?

I take a collaborative approach to counseling, focusing on wellness and helping clients develop healthier coping skills and make cognitive and behavioral changes that will help them meet their goals. I begin the counseling process by asking some questions about your family, social and personal relationships, education and employment history and other background information. I will also ask about your goals and objectives as these will be the focus of your therapy sessions.

I will work to develop rapport with you to help you feel comfortable sharing personal issues. I maintain a completely non-judgmental attitude toward clients. I believe it is not my job to decide what is right for you. It is only my job to help you get where you want to be. At the same time, I will gently tell you if I think you are doing something that is hurting you or preventing you from reaching your goals. This is not a judgment. I care about my clients and only want to see them succeed.

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